Bill Russell's Mountain tours has taken thousands of people hiking in beautiful places over the last 30 years
Bill Russell's Mountain Tours has been taken thousands of people to beautiful places for more than 30 years.

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Hiking in Switzerland is a hiker’s dream. The Swiss Alps offer a spectacular variety of deep valleys, snow-capped peaks with a network of well maintained safe trails for the average hiker either self-guided or with a guide.

Swiss Alpine Hiking includes broad above-timberline alpine tundra below the snow-line to quiet forested valley farmlands interspersed with quaint Swiss Alpine villages with a thousand year history with four living European cultures.

The Haute Route in Switzerland, especially, offers a unique combination of high altitude hut to hut hiking and village hotels on this famous trek of 108 miles from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Enjoy self-guided hiking with your own group of friends, and hike at your own pace in the Swiss Alps, or other countries and form your own group with a guide which we can provide to lead you in Swiss Alpine hiking on dates that you set.

Bill Russell has been leading hikes to the Swiss Alps for over 30 years. He can bring you the best in Alpine Hiking either in the Alps, or other European mountains. And at prices that will please you. Choose self-guided in the Alps. Stay in one village or go hut to hut on the Haute Route or the Tour du Mont Blanc, as you please. Check us out at no obligation. See how low prices can be.

Whether you choose the Alps of Switzerland or other Alpine Hiking regions, you can be assured of the best in accommodations at first class hotels, high altitude huts, or mountain inns.

The alps of Switzerland are unique. Though there are Alpine regions in several other European countries, none provide the special character that one finds in Switzerland. It’s because of the way, Switzerland has created a country encompassing four different cultures, namely, French, German, Italian, and Romansch. Romansch is a combination of the native Celtic language and the invading Romans who left their Latin culture behind as they married the mountain maidens.

Switzerland also provides mountains with spectacular vertical drop. The mountaintops are over 14,000 feet. The valleys are below 2000 feet. The difference makes Switzerland spectacular beyond all other regions.

Prices are not shown in this website because they depend upon the following factors:

  • Number of members in your tour group
  • Your destination
  • The dates of your tour
  • Whether you wish single or twin rooms

However, to give you some idea of our prices, a typical group of four persons spending a week in Verbier would cost $1495 per person. This includes first-class hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner, maps and hiking directions.

Bill Russell Mountain Tours has been taking people hiking to beautiful places like Switzerland for more than 30 years.If you want a special holiday in a place not overrun by other tourists give us a call.


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