Bill Russell Alpine Hiking Specialist

A Little History

Bill Russell’s Mountain Tours is run by Bill Russell and is located in Essex CT. Bill started the company in 1991, here is an excerpt from Bill about the history of Mountain Tours:

One day, many years ago, my wife, Joanne, and I were backpacking on the Appalachian Trail in Northwestern Connecticut and we saw a sign that read, “If you like this trail, why don’t you help us keep it up? Call this telephone number and volunteer.” Well, that made a lot of sense, so we volunteered with the Appalachian Mountain Club to do just that.

Over many years we found ourselves on numerous different committees for the AMC. We were avid members of the Trail Committee keeping up and maintaining our section of the trail. In addition, we were also a part of the Major Excursions Committee which was, I must admit, our favorite committee. With the MEC, we planned and led hiking trips all over the world as volunteers. Our trips always filled and we often had long waiting lists. It was great fun and we learned a lot from that wonderful experience.

We liked leading groups overseas so much, that we decided to make a business of it and started Mountain Tours. The first year we did 4 trips. And they all filled. Each year we’ve grown, little by little, and we’ve become the Mountain Tours you see today. It’s been a thrilling experience to be a part of the growth of this exciting business. I think it has grown and flourished because of our guides; I love it and we all show it.

We love the involvement with people, helping them to get to beautiful locations and to enjoy these places in the best way possible by hiking or skiing through them.

Bill Russell’s Mountain Tours

3 Pratt Street, Essex, CT 06426

Toll Free: 800 669-4453 or Local: 860 767-1670

Bill Russell Mountain Tours has been taking people hiking to beautiful places like Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and Norway for more than 30 years.

If you want a special holiday in a place not overrun by other tourists give us a call.


Hikers stories come from our family of Bill Russell Mountain Tours hikers. With one of the highest re-sign up rates in the industry…(Our average hiker goes on 5 hikes with us over the years)